With the world spending 2020 at the mercy of the Covid 19 pandemic family celebrations had to take a back seat for most of the year.  Marie and Andrew had hoped for a May wedding but by March that seemed a very unlikely scenario, with the weeks passing by and the country slowly coming out of lockdown, late September seemed a possibility and although it wouldn’t be what they had  planned way back when, they just wanted to get married and decided to go ahead with family and a few close friends.  Cratloe Church and Gallaghers Seafood Restaurant in Bunratty were chosen along with the folk park for bridal portraits and what an amazing, fun filled, emotional ‘micro-wedding’ day they had. The icing on the cake was a chat with a very delighted sister living in Australia who still managed to get in on the action!!!!
What a super day, here’s how they got on!!!!