Just a little note to thank you so much for the wonderful photos of our wedding day, I can’t believe one person managed to catch so much throughout the day. From the minute you arrived you just fitted right in to the total chaos and went about your work without us even noticing you were there (that’s a good thing!).

Thanks for being part of the craic but also reminding us that we needed to get moving and still managing to get to the Church before us to catch some shots of the groom and his family before we arrived. The shots of everyone leaving the church were a lovely surprise, we didn’t even notice you taking them but they meant we have a snapshot of almost all our guests.

Thanks too for making us stop and do the posed photos, we may have been reluctant at the time but it’s great to have them now. The whole family have enjoyed looking through the photos and they’ve prompted many a smile and more than a few laughs.

Thanks so much for being part of our day and giving us such great photos to remind us of the ups and downs.