Joni and Zach

Great photographers can take ordinary objects or ordinary people and place them in such a way that make an extraordinary scene. They do so by knowing their subjects and how to capture them in their finest moments. They must know the physical and cultural landscape and must understand how to make the bride and groom feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Yvonne is a great photographer and really nothing less than a master of her craft. Not only did she take us to some of the more beautiful places we saw on our two weeks in the country but she was really fun to be around, which is important considering we spent several hours with her. Prior to the big day she made herself available for Skype sessions, several email correspondences, and a face to face meeting the evening before our wedding. Yvonne is professional, personable, and very passionate about her work. That passion is reflected in every photo. Thank you Yvonne for capturing the moments that Zach and I will cherish forever.
Joni and Zach.