2017….. SIMPLY MAGIC!!!


Every year I say the same thing, ‘what a year 20?? has been’ but that’s just how it is, each year I do this job it just gets better and better!!!  I’m one of the lucky ones who just loves what they do and being a wedding photographer really is a unique profession.  What other profession allows a stranger (bar a few emails and a meeting) into their home, their world for one of the most special days a family will share together and document the intimate moments such a day brings along with it, it really is just a huge privilege and there really isn’t a word big enough to express the huge THANK YOU I want to say to all of my past, present and future couples for allowing me to do this for them.  There’s a massive rollercoaster of emotions experienced along the way, from the excitement of the announcement, the stress of the preparations, the tears of sadness for those who can’t be there matched with the tears of joy for what lies ahead, the anxiety and nerves in the morning to the relief it has all gone to plan in the afternoon, but in between all of this there is the laughing and my goodness did we laugh!!!

Here’s a little of what 2017 brought, enjoy and thank you for the magic!!!

Yvonne, xxx.